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Our road verges provide easy access to stunning wild flowers. These plants thrive in relatively poor quality soil and are an important resource for wildlife, such as pollinating insects.

Roadside Verges

Westmorland Fells Roadside Verges  

Rich Wildlife Habitat

Images of Orton Fells’  insects by Judith Dunford

 Other Residents and Visitors Can Help by:

• Avoiding driving on verges. This kills plants and damages the soil structure.

• Taking an interest in your local verges, and talking to others about what you see.

• Having a word with someone if you see them damaging a verge near you and if you feel confident in approaching them.

• If you don’t know who is damaging a verge, or don’t feel confident in approaching someone whom you know is responsible, then consider contacting one of the organisations listed overleaf.

• If you have a verge by your property, don’t waste time and energy turning it into a lawn. Just enjoy what grows on the verge if you don’t cut it regularly. The verge should be cut later in the year when wild flowers have seeded.

• Avoid planting bulbs or other cultivated plants on roadside verges. Save them for your garden.


 Leaflet on Cumbria’s Verges

Cumbria County Council Highways Network Management The Courts Carlisle CA3 8NA www.cumbria.gov.uk

For ecological issues: Environment Unit Economy, Culture and Environment County Offi ces, Kendal Cumbria LA9 4RQ Highways Hotline

Telephone: 0845 609 6609 www.cumbriahighways.co.uk

For volunteering and training: Cumbria Wildlife Trust  Plumgarths Crook Road, Kendal Cumbria LA8 8LX

Telephone: 01539 816300 www.cumbriawildlifetrust.org.uk