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In addition to many of the resident and migrant wildlife species found elsewhere in Cumbria, The Westmorland Fells have a specialist subarctic community ecology found only in  Limestone Karst habitat.

Come To Karstic Limestone Country

Our region is characterised by attractive rolling Carboniferous Fell and Dale topography with exposed limestone scars, screes and  karstic pavement that harbours a uniquely specialised plant ecology.      Limestone Landscapes


            This pamphlet is an excellent guide from the

 Limestone Pavement Conservation Group.


Natural England’s Description of Orton Fells as pdf Please click here for document.   (Source:www.naturalengland.org.uk)

This document gives a nice overview of our area .

Cumbria Wildlife Trust’s Hay-Day Project Conservation of upland hay meadow habitat    

 Enhancing, restoring and managing traditional hay meadows using traditional practices to increase plant diversity.

Westmorland Fells river and still water habitats Wetmorland Fells History & Culture

Sweeping vistas, broad skies and exposed carboniferous facies - magical

Maidenhair Ferns growing beside Lower

Carboniferous Fossil Coral